International Women's Day

Published by: Jessica Chalmers

As has become tradition, in light of International Women's Day Whitman & Co will celebrate two talented, inspiring and fabulous local women: Both ladies live and work in Chiswick and in doing so, enrich our community.

Caroline Lamont of Great In Great Out is a Health Coach who believes true wellness is a fundamental human right. And with informed nutrition and lifestyle changes, people can achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life. Caroline's expertise in functional medicine means she can work her magic with people with chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease. Her nutrition and lifestyle guidance combine to empower and support these people in achieving remission.

Autoimmune disease is a subject close to Caroline's heart. She was diagnosed eight years ago with two autoimmune conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Guillain Barre syndrome, which resulted in Caroline spending six weeks in a hospital paralysed. Caroline thankfully recovered and regained control of her body but was left with medicines to manage the symptoms which came with a whole host of nasty side effects. The turnaround moment came when Caroline decided to take her wellness into her own hands. By making significant changes to her nutrition and lifestyle. She enabled her health to improve beyond her doctors' expectations.

If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease or generally feeling below par Caroline and her passion for wellness will ensure you are feeling supported as you follow her informed steps towards regained health and vitality.
Instagram: great_in_great_out

I stumbled across Claire Cole on Instagram recently, and as soon as I read her bio and took a look at her grid, I knew she had to be one of the ladies in our International Women's Day blog. Claire is the face and founder behind, a brilliant business born from Claire's understanding and experience of how regenerative exercise is for our mental health. Claire has journeyed with anxiety, agoraphobia and Post Natal Depression. On this journey, physical activity has played a crucial role; the mood-boosting effects of movement has sent Claire on a one-woman mission to inspire women to achieve their full wellbeing potential.

Movement for Mums provides women with a platform of free live-streamed fitness three times a week. As a busy working mother of two, Claire appreciates how tricky it can be to carve some time out of the day for yourself; she also understands first-hand the emotional struggles mothers can face. These online classes allow women the ability to squeeze movement into their week, into their home and in turn boost their mood and know that if they are having a bad day, they are not alone.

Claire's enthusiasm is infectious, so if you want to enhance your mood and feel good about yourself head over to and find Claire teaching live streamed classes three mornings a week.
Instagram: movementformums

These 'Wellness Wonders' have two things in common. Both Caroline and Claire left behind their roles in the corporate world to start up their businesses, and offer their brilliant services to us lucky locals. And both have found the Chiswick 'village' to be a tremendous support. We are fortunate to live in a community which bolsters small businesses.