Do the right thing - COVID 19

Published by: Chris Chalmers

Dear valued clients and the wider Chiswick community.

As Chiswick's leading estate agent, we have decided to set an example and close the shop to visitors and cease all property viewings until further notice.

It has become apparent over the last few days that the NHS and support services are under immense pressure already and we all need to act now.

It is concerning to see the estate agent offices full of staff and going about their business as usual. Visiting people’s houses (some elderly), meeting members of the public, allowing people into their offices. All this possibly spreading the virus. This is completely against any government advice.

We have plenty of business to do from home and we will continue to work hard for our vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants. Embrace the virtual viewing! Have a chat about a house and fall in love with it. Our team are available and keen to chat (numbers on our website -
meet the team). Things will return to normal and we all need to stay safe to be there to serve the community we love when things improve.

Obviously, there are some unavoidable elements of our job. We have completions, so may need to hand over keys. We have tenants due to move in and out. We have property management emergencies. For this reason, we will have one staff member in the office to facilitate key hand over etc. but the door will be closed to visitors. We apologise in advance for the inevitable awkward doorstep interaction but this is essential to protect our staff as well.

We remain completely committed to our staff, clients and Chiswickians. 

For now, look after your family and loved ones, make sure your neighbours are ok, have a zoom party (really fun), paint that bedroom, enjoy doing the simple things and most importantly - do the right thing and support the NHS now!

Stay safe and well.

The Whitman and Co team