6 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale

Published: 19/08/2021 By Jessica Chalmers

I know the last 18 months has ensured that we are familiar with every inch of our home, but try and look at your property with fresh eyes. With most property searches starting online, it is paramount that you present your home in the best possible light. First impressions count, and the images displayed may determine whether viewings are booked or not. Follow our tips to ensure your property captures potential buyer's interest with the most favourable outcome.

Dial-up your curb appeal
You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression; make it count! A lick of paint on your front door works wonders. Tidy up your front garden, sweep the path and if necessary, hire a pressure washer. Clean your windows and ledges and plant some flowers in your window boxes. Don't forget the back garden either! If you live in a flat, ensure communal areas are tidy.

Clean, clean, clean
Dust, polish, wash, repeat! If carpets are stained, get them professionally cleaned or replace them. If your wooden floors have seen better days, re-varnish them. A straightforward and affordable trick to make your bathroom gleam and look brand new is to re-grout and re-silicone. If the kitchen is looking tired new taps, cabinet and cupboard handles can make all the difference.

Let there be light!
Ask any photographer for their top tip, and they are likely to say 'light'! Light makes such a difference in a home and is free - throw open the curtains and pull up those blinds and let the light flood in. For viewings, make sure you have enough floor and table lamps to brighten up those darker areas.

Potential buyers want to see the space available, so make your house look spacious. Box up toys and books along with excess furniture and put it in storage, leaving the garage/loft clear for viewings (it'll be fewer things to box up on removal day). We can all be guilty of the shoe and coat accumulation in the hallway and the piles of paperwork on the kitchen worktop but banish them and anything else that will be a distraction.

Fresh eyes
Detach yourself from the property and change what fresh eyes would adjust. Maybe the bright red dining room might not be to everyone's taste. Often painting walls a neutral colour allows the potential buyer to see your property as a blank canvas, making your home seem lighter and brighter. In the same vein, keep décor simple to help buyers visualise themselves in your space.

Eliminate odour!
Bad smells are one of the single biggest turn off for prospective buyers. Throw the windows open and air the rooms. Save cooking the bacon for after the viewing and instead brew some fresh coffee!

Be guided by these simple steps, and prime your property for viewings. Good Luck!